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Guests are more concerned than ever about the safety of their food. With recent news coverage of several high profile food borne illness outbreaks, it is important to put your guests at ease. It has been estimated that a food borne illness costs a restaurant an average of $75,000 in legal costs, damages, lost business etc.

The best way to combat this is thru education. Hospitality Assist offers the 6th ed. ServSafe training and testing in Knoxville TN. Upon completion anyone that passes the test will receive a ServSafe Certificate good for 5 years. We look froward to offering classes in nearby cities soon.

What we do

Servsafe Knoxville is a site operated by a sister company Hospitality Assist. Hospitality Assist offers members a unique platform to learn restaurant operations, download forms and tools, and even ask questions to restaurant professionals. Our number one focus however is ServSafe Certification.   Please sign up for a class, or if you are interested, please take a look at what membership has to offer by visiting here.